Mental Health & IBD

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Mental Health and IBD
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IMAGINE Network is conducting a number of mental health studies in IBD patients. Studies that focus on topics like the brain-gut connection in IBD & IBS, Suicide Risk in IBD, and Stress Reduction (to name a few). We chat with Dr. Dean Tripp about what studies he has been involved in and Kim Daley, an IBD Warrior and Patient Research Partner at IMAGINE Network. Dr. Tripp discusses challenges faced by IBD Warriors like “catastrophizing”, “psychache”, and the perceived burden people with IBD think they are on other people. All of which are factors that put patients ‘At Risk’. We also learn about “Post-Traumatic Growth” and what/how interventions can help someone on their journey. Kim Daley shares her personal perspective on mental health, specifically, how her IBD has impacted her mental health and how mental health affects her IBD.

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Episode 33