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Mental Health and IBD

Mental Health & IBD

IMAGINE Network is conducting a number of mental health studies in IBD patients. Studies that focus on topics like the brain-gut connection in IBD & IBS, Suicide Risk in IBD, and Stress Reduction (to name a few). We chat with Dr. Dean Tripp...



Why is Patient Oriented Research so important? What is the IMAGINE Network? What is the CIHR SPOR and how is it helping patients with IBD? What is the role of patient partners in IMAGINE? Answers to all these questions and more on this episode! We...

Colon, colon…gone!

We are joined, once again, with the resilient Rasheed Clarke, this time to talk specifically about his personal journey with IBD: pancolitis, total colectomy, pelvic pouch (J-pouch), temporary ileostomy, percutaneous tube to drain an abscess...

Celiac Disease

Celiac Disease

For some, “gluten-free” may be a choice made easy by recent trends, but for people with Celiac disease it is much more serious than that. Though not IBD, Celiac disease is a serious illness that impacts the gastrointestinal tract similar...

PACE IBD Telemedicine Program

PACE IBD Telemedicine Program

We chat with Peter Habashi, a research coordinator at Mount Sinai Hospital who’s main work is in coordinating the PACE (Promoting Access and Care through Centers of Excellence) IBD Telemedicine Program funded by Crohn’s and Colitis...

Gutsy Walk

2017 Gutsy Walk by Crohn’s and Colitis Canada took place on June 4th where the G&G team interviewed participants and volunteers at the event and discussed their stories and the importance of awareness.
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Flaring and Caring

Flaring and Caring

Chantel and Lisa discuss Chantel’s current experience with her present flare and an organization known as the 100 women who care.
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IBD; Websites, Organizations, Resources and more.

Chantel and Lisa share websites, organizations, resources, etc. that they trust and value when it comes to information about IBD.  The following URLs for IBD organizations were mentioned in this episode: Crohn’s and Colitis USA: ccfa.org  Crohn’s...


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