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Not only is Peter Dobranowski an IBD Warrior but he has literally dedicated his life to IBD…by choice. Why? Well, he says, “someone’s gotta do it”. In this episode, Peter shares his story about his diagnosis and his journey with IBD. But Peter’s journey doesn’t end there because his life really does involve everything IBD. He is currently a second year PhD student in the Microbiology and Immunology program at the University of Ottawa where he is studying how the microbiome responds to a special type of fibre in kids with Crohn’s and Colitis. He is also a Crohn’s & Colitis Canada volunteer, received the BC Unsung Hero Award (2019), was the recipient of the AbbVie IBD scholarship (2019), completed a patient-led qualitative research project through the University of Calgary (PaCER), and is also piloting a program to expand the availability and accessibility of support to the Indo-Canadian community with IBD. In this episode learn the details about what Peter is doing for the IBD Community and how he is able to do it all while living with IBD.

OH! And did we mention he made a Lego Movie about his journey with IBD? Check it out here:

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