Episode 39

Diet & IBD

Amanda Lapidus is a Registered Dietitian in Toronto who focuses on digestive disorders. She is actively involved in research related to diet and the gut microbiome in the IBD community. We talk about what set Amanda on the path to dedicate her...

Mental Health and IBD Episode 33

Mental Health & IBD

IMAGINE Network is conducting a number of mental health studies in IBD patients. Studies that focus on topics like the brain-gut connection in IBD & IBS, Suicide Risk in IBD, and Stress Reduction (to name a few). We chat with Dr. Dean Tripp...

SPOR Episode 32


Why is Patient Oriented Research so important? What is the IMAGINE Network? What is the CIHR SPOR and how is it helping patients with IBD? What is the role of patient partners in IMAGINE? Answers to all these questions and more on this episode! We...

Veganism Episode 31

UC and Veganism

Diagnosed with ulcerative colitis in 2015, Effie Siamalekas takes us through her diagnosis and navigating the many questions and uncertainty she experienced. She discusses her journey of educating herself about ulcerative colitis and taking her...

IBD Warriors Episode 30

Coming of Age with IBD

IBD Warrior, Lyndsay Hunter-McWaters, chats with us about her journey. Diagnosed with UC at 14, later diagnosed with Crohn’s at 25, ileostomy at 35, and all the details in between. She openly shares her experiences as a teenager struggling with her...


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