Relationships with Nutrition & Diet when living with IBD

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This episode features two Registered Dietitians working in Toronto. Inez Martincevic, a Clinical Dietitian practicing within the Division of Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition at The Hospital for Sick Children and Julie Cepo who is an Inpatient Clinical Dietitian with the GI Medicine & Surgery Program at Mount Sinai Hospital. We discuss how a Registered Dietitian can help IBD’ers navigate the very complicated space of nutrition & diet while living with such a complex disease. Regardless of diagnosis, diet is pertinent to our health. Why is it important to know where your disease is specifically located? How does disease location impact your diet journey? What should you expect from a RD should you visit one? We chat about hot topics like hydration and IBD, eating small meals, food journals, etc. We discuss our relationships with food, why these relationships change, and why they should change.

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Episode 42