How does cannabis work and how can we use it medically? Who is a candidate for medical cannabis and where are legal sources to access it? We are joined by Martina, a cannabis coach/educator from Lyte Resources Centre to discuss the answers to all of these questions and more! Don’t knock it until you listen!

Gutsy Walk 2019!

PACE IBD Telemedicine Program

We chat with Peter Habashi, a research coordinator at Mount Sinai Hospital who’s main work is in coordinating the PACE (Promoting Access and Care through Centers of Excellence) IBD Telemedicine Program funded by Crohn’s and Colitis Canada; a program that is designed to service patients in under-serviced areas of Ontario. Could this program help you? Listen […]

Gutsy Walk 2019!

Trust me, I am a GI doctor…

Dr Vivian Huang is back again and from her unique perspective as a GI Specialist and IBD sufferer she talks about her journey as a doctor and how her own condition helps her to better understand the patients she cares for.

Gutsy Walk 2019!

Vegan Ostomy

Today we discuss what its like living with an ostomy bag and the ups and downs of being an “ostomate” with Eric from

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